Easy Things that Can Improve Your Writing Skill

Hay fellas, it is the first content that I share with you. It is about how you can improve your English especially in writing skill. There are many things that you can do to improve your English skill. I would like to share how to improve writing skill based my own experience when learn it at writing class.

1. Reading book or watching film that use English language.

By reading books, newspaper, article or watching film you can learn grammar and maybe you will know more word in English that can improve your English skill.

2. Try to write text use English language.

When you want to improve your writing skill of course you have to try write in English. There are many things that writed in English. If you want, you can write your daily activities or diary.

3. Bring your dictionary everywhere.

Dictionary is one thing that really helps you when you learn English for the first time. It is help you when you want to search word in English.

4. Review your writing.

Ask your friend to read your writing. From it you’ll know how your ability in writing skill.

5. Write, write, and write.

Improve your writing skill by always writing anything. If you want to consistent writing write diary really helpful.

There are several things that can improve your writing skill use English language, it’s feel difficult for the first time. But when you consistent to do it, it’ll feel easy later. I hope you enjoyed it guys, thank you for coming.

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