Holiday Time at Home: Make the Simple Ice Cream

How have you been Buddy, it was rainy day when I got my holiday time. I wasn’t went any where. I just came back to my village at Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. But I really missed this home.

But in this holiday I had unforgettable moment with my little sister. One day I wanted to try to make ice cream using milk and ice. I asked my little sister to buy the milk sachet and ice. When we got all of the ingredients, I started to make it. Whe had to shake the milk with the ice fastly, my sister looked so happy when I started to make it. She really wanted to eat ice cream.

When I started to shaked the milk and the ice, it was broke the shaker place and hit my little sister because I was too faster shake it. All of the milk and ice made her became wet. She wasn’t cried but after it she started to laughed and made me laughed too. It wasn’t a bad experience but a happy and fun experience.

It is my fun holiday, how about you?

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