Listening Diary #1

10 Lessons I Learned in 2019

Disclaimer: The video’s creator named Subhi Taha, a Palestine-American blood, and now he lives in Canada.


Summary: What was the listening selection about?

It is the video created by a youtuber from Canada named Subhi Taha. In this video he shares about his reflection regarding what values of life he got in 2019. These are 10 values of life by Subhi Taha:

  1. Express yourself

Tell your feeling to others and do not hide them. Sharing your emotion is a beauty in life, by sharing freely about what your though, when you feel sad, happy, or angry it would help you to feel more relieve. Express your feeling also being the way to you to tight your relationship with your friends, family, and other people since by talking to others and understanding other person feeling is something important to do in having a good relationship.

  1. Do not have expectations for/from others

Having too much expectation to other leads you to be disappointed. Choose your people around wisely even it comes to relatives that already gather with you in a long time. Your life is yours, do not expect from others too much. It would be better to spend your time and your energy with people that you can have expectation for. Hence, you will have the good vibe with them who you really love.

  1. Focus more on how you help each other

Think about what am I doing for others not what are others doing for you. All you can do is trying to be a good person and give what you can do to others. Being a good person is something you will never regret since eventually God willing will come back to you.

  1. Life is not easy-expected what unexpected

Do not get surprised when something get tough or hard. Try to think and understand about your existence in this world that Allah gives to you because all the problems that Allah put them to you is a test to know your faith. Everthing is coming in unexpected time and sometime what He gives to you seem to hard to face, but the main poin is everything that comes to you always having a good values inside.

  1. Your time and energy is your most valuable asset

Manage your time and energy to thinks in your life priority, your family, friends, religion, education, etc. Only give your energy to things and people that return the same or more enery that you put in.

  1. People’s actions say more about them and less about you

In a relationship there is always a problem appearing. Sometimes something bad occurs and hard to be fixed. All you can do is communicating and trying to figure in out the problem and do your best to fixed your relation.

  1. You are stonger than you think-Allah said so (Al-Baqarah (2): 286)

Allah puts us through a lot of pain in this dunya. Through every struggle that put in you would make you stronger and He already said that. Do not doubt yourself because Allah never doubt on you.

  1. Thank Allah in your times of calamity

When you are in the lowest time all you need is getting closer to Allah. Instead of losing your faith to your God, it is your time to connect to Allah through your struggle because when you are in pain and you get hurt there is always a good reason from it whether you know it or not.

  1. Give your parents your everything.

Spend your time with your parents and do not only focus on your life and what you want to do. Do everything to make them happy and give what you can and what you have. Do all of that things before you lose your precious time with them.

  1. This life is trully temporary

It is very important to remember about your death since it will help you to remember spending your time as good as possible and spend your time in valuable thing.

Vocabulary: What words did you learn?

  • Calamity: an event resulting in great loss and misfortune. Synonims: disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, cataclysm
  • Sulking (sulk): a mood or display of sullen aloofness or withdrawal
  • Vulnerability: the state of being vulnerable or exposed; susceptibility to injury or attack
  • Thrive: grow stronger. Synonims: boom, prosper, get ahead, flourish, expand
  • Egocentric: a self-centered person with little regard for others; egoist
  • Depiction: a graphic or vivid verbal description
  • Grieving: sorrowful through lorr or deprivation
  • Numb: not showing human feeling or sensivity; unresponsive

Activities: What did you do? What scores did you get?

In this listening activity I play the video and note some new words. To make a deep understanding I replay the video. By doing this things I realize that the way of speaker in speaking has a good pronunciation since he is the native of English and I could copy it to support and develop my English.


Questions Yes No Maybe
The speed was OK x
The vocabulary was OK. x
The pronunciation was OK. x
This helped my listening skills. x
I think my listening skills are improving. x
I need to improve (please BOLD all that apply): listening to main ideas/ listening to details/ listening to number/ listening to fast speech/ listening to connected speech/ listening for a long time/ listening to other accents/ my vocabulary/ my pronunciation

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