Listening Diary #4

What I Learned About Freedom after Escaping North Korea|Yeonmi Park

Summary:  What was the listening selection about?

It was a speech from a person that escaped from her own country, North Korea. Her name is Yeonmi Park, a women that now has her right of well being after surviving from the country in which ever be the part of the South Korea. With her older sister, in age of 13 she decided to leave Hyesan, one of the town of North Korea which is bordered with China.

She realized many things different after leaving her country. She felt so blessed and then knew that her country did not give the real meaning of ‘freedom’ to the fellow. Instead her country was hurting and imprison people inside. She realized that she had misunderstanding about the concept of freedom and the real condition of her country.

For the realization, the meaning of term ‘love’ just had one meaning: Love for the Dear Leader. You could not find the other concept of love in this country.

Yeonmi Park, that now live in United States, also said that people have their own right of compassion and well-being. Without feeling of starving and harmful. Getting their own happiness and dreaming freely without the comando of the top people.

In the end she talked that people of North Korea should be helped to speak up of their rights. They also had the possibility of the free life and everything could be possible to happen even in impossibility.

Vocabulary: What words did you learn?




Activities: What did you do? What scores did you get?

The speech is easy understanding since the speaker is not the native. Many familiar words and terms are derived through the speech. I could understand the speaker’s speaking well and clearly.

From the speech I learnt the story of the real condition of North Korea. We could follow to imagine how terrifying is there and the feeling of the people inside there.


Questions Yes No Maybe
The speed was OK X
The vocabulary was OK. X
The pronunciation was OK. X
This helped my listening skills. X
I think my listening skills are improving. x
I need to improve (please bold all that apply): listening to main ideas/ listening to details/ listening to number/ listening to fast speech/ listening to connected speech/ listening for a long time/ listening to other accents/ my vocabulary/ my pronunciation


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