Listening Diary #3: Speech

Graduation 2020: Student Speaker Nadira Nuraini Afifa, Master of Public Health


Summary:  What was the listening selection about?

It is the speech of Harvard Graduation for Students 2020 and was given by one of the student with the major Public Health, Nadira Nuraini Afifa. She is one of the student that comes from Indonesia and graduates in 2020 from Harvard University.

Nadira was born in Indonesia, from one of the rural region in Sumatra.

From her speech, at the beginning she told about how hard her college’s life at the beginning since she felt different because of her hijab. But then she realized that her identity was not a problem because people around were respect each other race, religion, and nationality.

She said that her mother was the strength motivator for her study. She was the person who gave her a quote for Nadira, “Dream high, because our only limit is our mind.” It is the quote that keep her mother to raise her children and graduate from college until now.

A graduation is the beginning of the journey to live higher, to contribute more, and to give the impacts for the world. From the Covid-19 situation, we realize that no matter how privilage we are or where we are come from, and what is our nationality as long as we work together, we could survive.

“People are united. Through public health effort, despite the difference, ethnicity, nasionality, or spirituality. We are supposed to help other who you never meet before to help each other,” she said.

Vocabulary: What words did you learn?

Above all








Activities: What did you do? What scores did you get?

From the video I could learn her way in speaking English fluently even she is Indonesian. I have already seen the behind-the-scene of the speech video from Nadira’ youtube channel. She works hard to prepare her speech to be maximal and could be understood by her friend well.


Questions Yes No Maybe
The speed was OK X
The vocabulary was OK. X
The pronunciation was OK. X
This helped my listening skills. X
I think my listening skills are improving. X
I need to improve (please bold all that apply): listening to main ideas/ listening to details/ listening to number/ listening to fast speech/ listening to connected speech/ listening for a long time/ listening to other accents/ my vocabulary/ my pronunciation


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