Listening Diary #7: Online Seminar


Cambridge Online Experience, Asia: Activities to Engage and Motivate Teenage Learners with Nicolas Mayfield. The online seminar was held in RCTI+ at 10.30 am.

I have already watched an online seminar that focus on the activities and motivations that could be used in engaging teenage learners.

The seminar was focusing on talking about the activities to engage and motivate teenage learners in learning English.

Nicolas Mayfield said that there are three ways to looking at the motivation of someone 1) Individual motivation; 2) the curriculum motivation includes the learning materials and resources, method of teaching, the assessment, the teachers and learning environment; 3) the real time motivation, task and activities, teachers’ behaviour and teaching skills.

Motivation encourages the long term goals. From here the teacher need to prepare a plan and the goals of learning. You could arrange the sequence of the activities and decide the main goal of the learning activities. By preparing the goals, you could decide what activities they need to do to achieve the goals in the end of the lesson. Be humble in knowing as much as possible about the students because that thing would really helpful to decide the error correction, testing, homework, and their respond as individuals or group.

There are three kinds of activities that has been designed by Mr. Mayfield to engage and motivate teenage learners, there are 1) warmer activity. The students are suggested to find items inside the class; 2) vocabulary activity. 30 second stimulus talk is one of the activity that could be chosen. This activity would really helpful when the teacher asks the students to have a short talk about an object; 3) activities for skills. Here, you could do the ‘solving problem activity’. The class would be arranged into several team and every team must solve the problem that given by the teacher as best as they can. In the end, they are asked to present their findings in front of the class.

There are some points from the speaker’s talk:

  • Try to vary the activities in the classroom
  • Keep working to refine your instructions and procedures of the activities.
  • Respond the need as they arise.
  • Adapt to the best match learning with your learners needs.

What I learn from the seminar?

The seminar was really helpful in finding the new ideas to teach children. I realize that I need to be more creative to teach my future students then they would feel motivate and engage in learning English. Through this seminar I know that planning every possible thing to teach with values activities would really helpful for students in learning.

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