Listening Diary #2


Why Do Young People Feel So Lonely? Listen to 6 Minutes English




Summary:  What was the listening selection about?

Can you be lonely in a crowed? Yes of course since it is a form of psychological isolation. A loneliness could be happened when you disconnected with people arround or when there is no one understand you.

A report o fa research from BBC said mostly loneliness are experienced by people in age 16-24 years old. It happens because their age is the time of identity change, to find thir present in the world and also as the time of evolution-regulatio. In track to find their identity (a report from a researcher of the University of Manchester)

Vocabulary: What words did you learn?




If you want to figure out something out

Activities: What did you do? What scores did you get?

This listening actually provides every new vocabulary in the end of the video. Each vocabulary is also explained through the clear explanation that makes us easier in understanding them.


Questions Yes No Maybe
The speed was OK X
The vocabulary was OK. X
The pronunciation was OK. X
This helped my listening skills. X
I think my listening skills are improving. X
I need to improve (please bold all that apply): listening to main ideas/ listening to details/ listening to number/ listening to fast speech/ listening to connected speech/ listening for a long time/ listening to other accents/ my vocabulary/ my pronunciation




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