Listening Diary #6: Speech

M. Ditya Satrianto – Juara 1 Erlangga English Speech Contest 2018 SMA/MA

Summary:  What was the listening selection about?

It was the speech from one of the the winner of the speech contest. Eirlangga English Speech Contest 2018 for high school students. His name is M. Ditya Satrianto, a student from SMAN 11 Surabaya, Indonesia.

In his speech, Ditya took the topic about how the books save our life especially for himself. The habit of reading books forms his today character also his choice of life, emotion, and feeling. In the past books saved him when he was alone and companied him when he needed a friend.

He said that reading was the same like a sport. You are supposed to give your time, dedication, and read as much as possible of the books.

For him, reading books helped in sharpening his mind and expanded his knowledge. In order of grabbing the knowledge of the world we need to learn, and one of the learning way could be done by reading books.

Vocabulary: What words did you learn?



Jumbled up

Fierce looking

Activities: What did you do? What scores did you get?

I enjoy the speech of the video. Even the speaker was Indonesian, he had derived the speech fluently and I could get the meaning of the speech well.

From the speech I had alreadly learnt that reading books habit was really helpful for human. This habit saved our life to be better.


Questions Yes No Maybe
The speed was OK X
The vocabulary was OK. X
The pronunciation was OK. X
This helped my listening skills. X
I think my listening skills are improving. X
I need to improve (please bold all that apply): listening to main ideas/ listening to details/ listening to number/ listening to fast speech/ listening to connected speech/ listening for a long time/ listening to other accents/ my vocabulary/ my pronunciation


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